Why Small Business needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you believe that disaster recovery is only for large enterprises? If your answer is yes, think again: According to Arun Taneja from Taneja Group, the impact of disasters on small business is just the same as big business. The problem is, not many think that small businesses need a proper disaster recovery plan.

Small business owners can’t deny the fact that when downtime happens – either due to human error or other factors, such as theft, natural disaster and hardware failure – the small business operations will be disruption, and impacting on service quality and profitability.

This cloud computing infographic, released by Doyenz – a cloud platform provider for disaster recovery, offers you some insights on the time required to have your system back up and running from disasters, as well as informing you about the best practice in disaster recovery planning. Check it out (click to enlarge):

disaster recovery infographic

Via Doyenz 

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