The Private Cloud Hosting Checklist

You have heard about how cloud hosting can solve many problems, especially resource allocation issues – with cloud hosting’s elasticity, you don’t need to worry the resource availability when traffic spikes (a very large amount of incoming web traffic in a short period of time) hit your website – the cloud will automate resource allocation that all in all will keep your website to be “always on.” Of course, that is just one benefits of cloud hosting – other benefits include: Pay as you go pricing plan, scalability, and many more.

While choices are scarce two years ago, choices are aplenty today. Cloud hosting seems to be a must-have option for reputable hosting providers, for some reasons, including the high demand for cloud services and solutions.

UKFast, a company offering scalable cloud solutions, released a very useful cloud computing infographic – a checklist of key features to look for when evaluating a private cloud hosting provider. Using the checklist, you can hand pick the right cloud hosting solution for you. Here’s the checklist (click to enlarge):

cloud infographic

Via UKFast blog

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