Powering the Cloud

Did you know that your life in the cloud is energy-consuming? Every time you upload a video, share a photo, email a friend, update your status on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, etc. your web device communicates with a data center, and this consume a lot of energy. Imagine millions of people doing what you do…

Cloud applications bring many benefits to businesses and individuals alike. But that doesn’t mean that cloud-based apps and solutions don’t consume energy. They do. You see, data centers are energy consuming – powering 1 data center equals to electricity usage of 25,000 US houses!

Fortunately, cloud computing also brings solutions for data centers – one related technology is virtualization, that has helped data centers by reducing the energy consumption by 27%.

A cloud infographic by ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, can give you a useful insight on how data centers impact our business and personal life – including to the environment – while outlining solutions to reduce the negative impacts data centers cause.

cloud computing infographic

Via ABB – ABB infographics: Powering the cloud 

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