The Cloud Infographic Mission Statement:

To provide ways for the general public to better understand cloud computing and the issues surrounding it via the use of infographics

Cloud computing is actually a broad subject that can’t simply be explained in a few words. And as cloud computing is becoming mainstream, we sense the urgency that people need to gain understanding about cloud computing: What is cloud computing and how it really hacks our life?

We hope we can answer today’s common problems

Cloud computing is said to help businesses and individuals to be more productive. Business-wise, cloud computing can help companies to reduce capital expenditures on IT infrastructure. Individual-wise, cloud computing can help them simplify their life – just plug into the cloud and enjoy.


Today’s problem with cloud computing lies in the unknowns. People are eager to adopt those cool new cloud apps either for business or for personal purposes without really understanding what they actually do. Many of those cloud users even can’t even explain what cloud computing is.

Those are causing havoc, such as cloud sprawl, cloud lock-in, cloud security issues, and many other issues that can give you headaches, such as identity thefts, loss of important data, decrease productivity, increased overheads, and many other problems.

We try to answer those issues

The Cloud Infographic aims to provide information in the form that is arguably better than text: Graphic.

In an infographic, you can learn a great deal about anything – in this case, cloud computing – as it actually summarizes cloud computing survey results, cloud intelligence reports, cloud computing articles and many more into one, single infographic.

Infographics are so powerful, that many big companies use them to help clients to make sense of the whole thing about the cloud.

‘care to join our journey? 

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