Cloud Security Issues and Your Business

Cloud computing for business is highly recommended by many due to the benefits it offers to companies, regardless of the sizes. However, there are many issues to answer in adopting the cloud, such as cloud security issues. The question: Are IT departments ready for the ride?

A Symantec cloud computing infographic pretty much visualizes the cloud security issues. According to a Symantec research, the biggest fear in cloud computing adoption is malware outbreak, followed by data theft and inside sharing. Moreover, cloud computing security is a major challenge businesses need to confront when adopting the cloud.

Here’s what worrying: With all the fears and challenges to tackle, businesses are more than eager to implement cloud computing (34-50 percent of respondents,) but only 20-25 percent of IT staffs have cloud experience, with 47-54 percent of IT staffs are less than prepared to handle the cloud!

Check out the cloud computing infographic to get a better view on the cloud security issues… (click to enlarge.)

symantec cloud computing infographic

Source: Symantec – via CloudTweaks

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With all the not-so-pretty picture of cloud computing adoption, the best way for you is to equip yourself with the necessary skills required to transform you or your IT staffs into a cloud-savvy techie.

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