Federal Cloud Computing: Is Cloud the Way to Go?

Federal agencies are migrating to cloud computing, outsourcing their IT services to a shared cloud platform accessed remotely via the Internet. One big question: Is it a move in the right direction?

To answer the question, the Government Business Council has released a cloud computing infographic visualizing some interesting facts about cloud computing adoption by Federal agencies; those that – all in all – show cloud computing is not the ultimate solution to their IT issues. For example, the Department of Agriculture claimed that they have saved $6 million after switching to cloud-based email. However, a study reveals that cloud services are not generally cost-effective for large organization, with an estimation of 144% price increase after switching to the cloud.

The cloud computing infographic concluded the following: Despite strong support from the Office of the Federal CIO, the promises of cloud are not guaranteed.

Check out this Government Business Council infographic to learn more whether cloud computing adoption is the answer to many IT issues (click the image to go to the original source.)

federal cloud computing infographic

Via National Journal Group, Inc. 

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