Small Businesses and the Cloud

Small businesses and cloud computing – a match made in heaven. No doubt, small businesses are those that most benefited by the cloud, for one main reason: The cloud allows small businesses to compete with the big guys, as they are able to access the same resources accessed by their bigger counterparts.

Check out these stats: According to Microsoft, in 2011, 30 percent of small businesses are using cloud software, compared to 14 percent in 2009. The projected figure for 2012 is 35 percent.

For cloud businesses, those figure means one thing: More business for them – check out these stats: 98 percent of Microsoft survey respondents believe that technology is important for their success… yet 42 percent don’t have IT departments; and guess what – 30 percent of all corporate IT sales in the US are from… small businesses! Indeed, small business market for cloud-based services (such as Office 365) is very lucrative.

Microsoft Office 365 releases yet another cloud computing infographic that visualizes those data in a well-designed infographic. Indeed, when it comes to infographics, Microsoft seems to know how to get them done by hiring the right designer specializing in data visualization. This time, this Microsoft Office 365 cloud computing infographic is designed by JESS3, a creative interactive agency that specializes in visual storytelling – click on the infographic to enlarge.

small business infographic


JESS3 has actually designed several versions of cloud infographic – all looks fantastic… but I chose this one simply because I like the design compared to the others. To view all versions of Microsoft Office 365 cloud infographic, go to JESS3’s small business infographic project page. 

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