Cloud Computing for Small Business – The Great Equalizer

No matter how you try to look at it, cloud computing has proven to be the great equalizer. In the past, large corporations have the edges on almost everything simply due to the fact that they have the resources to do so. Small businesses, in the other hand, are trying their best to make the most of their budget.

Fortunately, the ever-growing numbers of cloud services available for business has changed the game; today, small businesses have the same capabilities as their bigger counterparts in the business world – all thanks to cloud computing.

Glowhost, a popular web hosting provider, released this cloud computing infographic in its effort to explain how small businesses can prosper in the cloud, with these “sub-sections” in the infographic: The secret to small business success in the cloud, why clouds rock, what small businesses should demand from cloud services, why are large corporations lagging in the race through the cloud, and the future of the cloud.

Indeed, the cloud infographic is pretty comprehensive, and from this single infographic you can learn aplenty about how small business can really benefits from the cloud…

cloud computing infographic

Via GlowHost 

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