Amazon vs. The Rest of the Cloud

Looking into Amazon aggressive strategy in the online world, it seems that Amazon is too busy fighting with everyone in cloud – something that costs Amazon a fortune: Amazon’s profits went down in Q3 2011 – maybe due to lack of focus?

Here are some examples to show you how busy Amazon is: Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad, Galaxy Tab and Asus in tablets; Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs. Rackspace hosting, IBM and SoftLayer in cloud computing services; Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Dropbox, Carbonite and in cloud storage; and many more – the “main battle” : vs. Apple Inc.

A complete list of “battles” can be found on this infographic released by CPC Strategy. The infographic is not really a cloud computing infographic, but since the Internet is one, big cloud and Amazon’s battles take place in the cloud, we think that it would be most appropriate to consider this infographic as yet-another-useful cloud infographic… check it out:

amazon infographic

Via CPC Strategy Blog 

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