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Have you tried Box cloud services? The first cloud service I sign up with is Box (was It is also the reason why I attracted to anything cloud today. What make this cloud storage turned into a cloud storage/sharing/collaboration platform special?

The answer is innovation and transformation. Whilst what Box offered is similar to the rest, such as Dropbox, keeps on innovating… and rebranding.

Approaching the end of 2011, has commenced a major rebranding move to Box. This includes the switch of the initial domain name from .net to .com – yes, now the official URL is, not

On mid-December 2011, via its blog post, Box released an infographic, visualizing the history of Box – including some fun facts about Box, such as the fact that the first Box HQ is Aaron Levie’s uncle’s chocolate shop back in 2005.

Check out this cloud computing infographic:

cloud storage infographic

Via Box’ blog 

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