History of Cloud Computing Investing

Businesses – large and small – are rushing to grab the huge cloud computing market pie. We can’t blame them – cloud computing is on demand, and both businesses and individuals starting to grasp the idea of cloud computing; and when they finally grasp the basics firmly, the sky is the limit.

Just check out these figures: Back in 2005, investment in cloud computing accounted for almost $26 million, with only 5 cloud computing investing deals in that particular day. Now, fast forward to 2009; the amount invested in the cloud reached a whopping $375 million – 14 times the total amount invested just 4 years ago; the number of deals also grew 14 times, from 5 in 2005 to 70 in 2009. Expect more stunning figures in 2012.

To give you an idea on how cloud computing investing has grown over time, check out this cloud computing infographic by ServerPoint:

cloud computing infographic

Via Allan Oguis – @allanoguis is a technolitical altruist who is geared through full modular thinking and focused on optimizing solutions. He is currently studying the works of Serverpoint’s cloud hosting, dedicated server, colo, and web hosting services. 

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