The History of Cloud Computing

Did you know that the concept of cloud computing was introduced decades ago – in 1961, to be exact? Since then, cloud computing has gone a long, long way, especially in the past few years.

The tipping point of cloud computing is actually in the year on 2000 – the year of Dot-com bubble bursts. Since then, the tech industry has picked up the pieces and evolve into something more prominent: Facebook founded in 2004; Amazon launched S3 in 2006; Salesforce launched in 2007; Apple launched iPhone, also in 2007; Google Apps launched in 2009; indeed, the potential of the cloud is staggering…

This yet-another-cloud-computing-history infographic by Salesforce, one of the pioneer of cloud computing for business, visualizes the most notable development in the history of the cloud – all started back in 1960s.

cloud computing history

Via Salesforce 

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  1. dave says:

    Nice graphic. I’m dissapointed not to see the lauch of Amazon AWS, Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure not included.



    • Ivan says:


      Thanks :) Hmm.. I suppose that’s maybe, because to Salesforce, AWS, Google Apps and Azure are considered as main competitors? Or it’s maybe simply there’s not enough room in the infographic to include those three :)

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