Top 25 Online Project Management Software

Doing project management in the cloud has many benefits, such as the ability to collaborate with your team members wherever, whenever you are, the ability to integrate with other cloud-based apps, such as Google Apps and Salesforce, and many other benefits. The problem is, you will need to sift through a list of hundreds of online project management software, read reviews on them or seek recommendations – hopefully from trusted sources; a tough task ahead, indeed… But never fear, if you are still considering which online project management application to choose, this post comes to the rescue!

I have been searching around and stumbled on a fantastic infographic by… behold: 25 most important online project management apps, examined, compared and analyzed – presented in an infographic. You can find comparisons of online project management software in various categories, such as popularity, integration with third party apps, mobile devices OS compatibility, and many more – all presented in a visually appealing and helpful infographic.

Check this infographic out and be enlightened! (Please click for the original size):

best online project management apps


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  1. Alexander Mitnikov says:

    This is an impressive list! However, I think it is hard to evaluate this or that project management tool without actually using it. Besides, there are many interesting project management startups out there that haven’t gotten global recogtition yet, but already offer a wide range of useful features. Here is just a couple of examples:

    • Ivan says:


      Indeed, we should test the water first before committing to any project management software.

      Thanks for your suggestions, too!

  2. Elke says:

    Alexander, yes you are totally right! However, the team from provided this overview on the most important software apps on the market because we are convinced that it is useful for your decision making process. Having an infographic like this allows to compare software and reduce the number that interests you on let´s say 2-3. Later on, I would go for a free trial to find out which is the best software for my needs.

  3. Robert Miles says:

    Another one to the consider is Comindware. I am using it for past couple of months and its really good! It’s web-based system too with alot of individual optionsand the function of real time reporting. very easy to use and apply.

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