What is Cloud?

It’s surprising to know that a tech guy of a company doesn’t know what cloud computing is – no joke. But fear not, there are some cool cloud computing infographics that can explain – in plain English – the concepts of cloud computing.

The cloud computing infographic we blog about today is no different; this fascinating infographic – courtesy of ServerPoint.com – tries to answer this first and foremost question: “What is cloud computing?” The infographic shows you the basics you need to know – the term, the comparison between the old ways and the new ways of living our digital life, and more.

Here is the cloud computing infographic – please click to enlarge:

cloud computing infographic

Via Allan Oguis.

@allanoguis is a technolitical altruist who is geared through full modular thinking and focused on optimizing solutions. He is currently studying the works of ServerPoint’s cloud hosting, dedicated server, colo, and web hosting services. 

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