Web Hosting Evolution to the Cloud

Did you know that the history of web hosting dated back to 1991 – the year when the World Wide Web (WWW) we know very well today released to the public. Since then, web hosting industry has evolved rapidly, dropping in price and increasing in convenience.

In 1991, you need to own a server to run a website – today, with a shared hosting that costs you less than $10/month, you can get unlimited storage space and bandwidth. With cloud computing, everything is accelerated; price of web hosting is now ranged from cheap to free, especially when it comes to external web hosting.

Storing your video? Just use YouTube – free of charge. Pictures? Flickr is there for you. Any file storage and sharing capabilities? Just use Box or Dropbox, free of charge. Need things managed better using online solution? Try Google Apps.

Need more details? This cloud computing infographic brought to you by Peer 1 Hosting can show you the evolution of web hosting toward cloud-powered services:

cloud hosting infographic

Via .net Magazine 

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