Backend as a Service (BaaS)

When we talk about new technology, terms and jargon are introduced on regular basis – this is also the case with cloud computing. Today, please let me introduce you to a new cloud term: backend as a Service (BaaS).

Mobile market is growing exponentially, and this can be translated into more demands for mobile web apps, and also more needs for mobile development tools and services. BaaS can answer such need, by offering the claimed “ridiculously easy” cloud Backend as a Service (it’s a trademarked term, so it’s not just a fuss!)

Kinvey, a BaaS provider, has just released an Ecosystem Map, giving the big picture of mobile market players, categorized into 3 categories – service providers, device manufacturers, and BaaS, lies in the middle. The infographic also shows the movement in the market, in term of relationships and acquisitions. Here it is (click to enlarge):

baas infographic

Via Kinvey 

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  2. Viktoriia says:

    The scheme is not full. They have forgotten about BaaS QuickBlox (

    • Ivan says:


      Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure there will be other BaaS providers missed out… so, thanks again for your addition.

  3. David says:

    there is also netmera,, its still in private beta but must be followed (!/Netmera)

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