The Rise of E-Receipts and Paperless Storage

Storing your important receipts in a shoebox and slide it under your bed is no longer working. Bring your receipts in your wallet? Ditto. Not only storing those paper receipts, claiming returns is also a real hassle; sifting through old receipts to find the right one is not ideal, especially for busy people.

Then comes e-receipts to save the day. E-receipts can help you in many ways, mainly helping you store the digital version (by taking a photo with your smartphone) of your paper receipts or enter your receipts manually. Then you can manage them for better receipt organization. All of those funnel into one benefit: Helping you manage your spending, better.

Lemon is one of the leading online receipt organizers, allowing you to manage, track and share your receipts – all done in the cloud. This official infographic by Lemon shows you how e-receipts can help you manage your receipts better and also help supporting organizations to go paperless – and also help businesses cut paper-related expenses (please click on the infographic for a larger version):

cloud receipt infographic

Via Lemon Blog 

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