The Legalities of the Cloud

Despite the rapid growth of cloud computing adoption, some issues are yet to solve – one of them is cloud legalities. The answer to this question is still obscure at best: Who owns the data in the cloud – the users or the cloud companies?

To bring that question deeper: When things happen, who’s in charge of the data? If copyright infringement happen, who will be held responsible? If data theft or breach happen, who should be held liable? Where is the data created – outside the cloud or in the cloud? Either way, who actually own the data? Again, the answer to those questions are still blurry…

What you and I can do at the moment is to be aware of the cloud legality issues, and keep track on the future changes in cloud policies. Here’s a good infographic to guide you: This cloud computing infographic by ClickSoftware visualizes the cloud legal issues, digging deeper into data ownership, cloud policies, global privacy and data protection coverage, and many more issues…

cloud computing infographic

Infographic created by ClickSoftware – shared via EconomoyWatch 

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