Where is the World’s Data being Stored?

Welcome to the era of big data! Have you ever wondered where the world’s data is being stored all this time? The answer is data storage centers – in the cloud.

Yes, whether you like it or not, big data trend is closely related to cloud computing. Thanks to big data and cloud storage technology advances, data centers can manage more data than ever. Indeed, with the estimated 600 exabytes of worlds’ data stored in 2012, we do need all the technologies to handle the amount of data.

If you are wondering where today’s data is stored, Mozy has the answer for you. Mozy, a data backup company, releases an interesting infographic about data storage, showing you where your data is stored (half of them are stored in hard drives, by the way…) – including some of the biggest data storage centers in the world – check it out (click for the original version):

cloud storage infographic

Via Mozy 

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