Evolution of TV and Entertainment to the Cloud

The rapid growth of cloud computing, TV and entertainment technologies enables you to watch TV in the cloud. These tech advances gave birth to a new cloud-based services for TV and entertainment. CloudTV, for instance, enables you to watch TV and access streamed content from the cloud straight to your devices, such as TVs and portable devices.

It’s only a natural tech development – with more than 150 TV channels today – along with millions of streamed contents offered via streaming sites, such as YouTube – it can be tough to find what you really want to watch.

Created by Microsoft to buzz the launch of voice search by Xbox via Kinect for Xbox 360, the infographic shows you the evolution of TV and entertainment to the cloud, which now enables users to do voice search for quickly find the content they are looking for.

cloud tv infographic

Via CloudTweaks – source: Microsoft 

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  1. This blog is not badly written at all. However, there could have been more information on how the cloud actually is changing the way people view their favorite shows. The sheet with the percentages says a lot, but it shouldn’t just do the writer’s job for them. The links are plentiful and resourceful. As stated before, it’s not bad overall.

    • Ivan says:


      Many thanks! Infographics do offer summarized information… looking closely into the sources section of the infographic reveals survey results and researches used for the creation of the infographic. Maybe you want to look into the sources for more information?

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