Life is Greener in the Cloud

Did you know that according to a survey, 64 percent of organizations adopting the cloud say that cloud computing allows them to reduce waste and energy consumption? Well, if you didn’t let me tell you something: It’s a fact.

Despite naysayers say that cloud computing is not necessarily green, plugging in your business to the cloud helps you cut expenses and resource usages, which will directly reduce your energy consumption and waste, whether you are using green servers or not; whether you are going paperless or not. Adopting the cloud means you don’t need to invest (and power) IT infrastructure – instead, you are using resources available in the cloud to support your business operational. That’s the way the cloud is… you can’t deny it :)

To entice you, this cloud computing infographic released by Diverse Technology Solutions can offer you a fact or two about cloud computing adoption – which all say “oh, yeah!” to the cloud…

Life is Greener in the Cloud
Via: Cloud Computing with Diverse Technology 

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