Data Center Downtime: Beware!

Did you know that data center downtime costs small businesses $6,900/year, medium businesses $74,000/year and large businesses $1.1 million/year? That’s right – data center outages cost your business a fortune – this blog post will show you one infographic that can help you learn how to fight back!

1. Know the industry averages

The first thing you should know is the industry average – what’s the acceptable figure of how often downtime happens? How long is a business interruption? What’s the average data center downtime costs? This infographic by Century Link Business can guide you!

data center infographic

Published by CenturyLink Business – via

2. The cloud saves the day!

Secondly, you should consider adopting the cloud, as cloud infrastructure cut annual downtime losses from $1 million to $207,000 – that’s a cool $800,000 savings annually from data center failures!

3. Plan for disaster

Thirdly, you should have a business continuity plan; you should also identify what software you should invest in and/or which services you should sign up with to minimize losses. 

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