Become a Systems or Application Technology Architect with EMC

In the technology architect track open to customers and partners of EMC, there are two unique certification tracks that can be taken: Content Management Systems Architecture and Content Management Application Architecture. Although they are a part of the technology architect track, they are also located within the content management field of EMC IT. Similar to the Application Developer and System Administrator, these certification tracks require candidates to first earn the associate level Content Management Foundations certification, which validates core knowledge of information management skills at a foundational level. It serves as the qualifying exam for the two specialist certifications that are to follow.

The Content Management Systems Architecture specialist certification focuses on preparing and designing enterprise content management solutions in a system architecture. Candidates will follow customer and business requirements as they design a user base, plan a migration of the Documentum platform, design backup and recovery strategies, plan system security, and design and document such things as deployment and operational approaches, application integration strategies, and scalable solutions.

The Content Management Application Architecture specialist certification involves the incorporation of business requirements and settings into an enterprise solution design using the EMC Documentum platform. Professionals in this track will analyze product components and functionality, design objects and models, perform customization of applications, and design scalable solutions, performance tuning approaches, application deployment, and methods of deployment.

Overall, earning one of both of these specialist certifications can greatly evolve your career as a technology architect. Both certifications come equipped with education options (training courses, web resources, practice exams, etc.) that can enhance your education of the concepts and prepare your for the workforce. Practical experience will also improve the ability to apply general concepts to specific settings. Registration details and more information on EMC’s certification program can be viewed on their website.


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