Social Media for Telecommuters and Cloud Workers

Social media rapidly infiltrates our lives through our mobile devices. From cell phones to tablets, we have full access to the cloud, connecting with friends, families, and professional contacts throughout the world. At the touch of a button, we can communicate with anyone using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With so many amazing ways to tell our story both personally and professionally, it’s easy to see the advantages social media has on every aspect of our lives.

Telecommuting and Social Media

Telecommuting or working from home is a dream for many people as they are able to work around their own schedule. It affords many people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to work outside the home due to other personal events. Not only a dream, cloud technologies also enhance telecommuting, making the so-called cloud workers stay connected 24/7 to the cloud and work whenever, wherever they want.

Unfortunately, finding these telecommuting jobs tend to be difficult, as many employers are hesitant to offer these types of jobs due to lack of contact and connection with employee. Running your own business is not easier, too.

The bottom line, you need something that can virtually connect you with potential partners and clients. The tools are already available today, for you to adopt it to help you get your cloud-based business or career off the ground. The tool is called social media.

Social media is purely cloud-based, meaning it sits in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere by users. Mostly used for connecting with other people, more people start to use social media for finding employment and business opportunities. And to say the least, social media is effective in doing so for both avenues.

Using LinkedIn to Get Noticed

One of the best social media sites for telecommuters would be LinkedIn.  LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect with people in ones own corporation, but also other people and companies within the same field.  This site is where one can truly market themselves and their skills.  By providing a profile on LinkedIn you are essentially posting a detailed resume and recommendation directly to potential employers or customers that might not otherwise be accessible.  In addition, to being able to market one skills people can use existing connecting to connect and get the inside track on current and future job postings.

Connecting with fellow cloud workers via Twitter

Twitter is another site that can get one noticed, as like with LinkedIn one is able to connect with different people, however where twitter is different is a personal connection is not required as with LinkedIn.  Twitter is a great way to connect with people within the human resource departments.  It allows one to able to use their skills to provide information and articles on their current field to their followers.

Reduce Risk and Avoid Scams with Social Media

Professional social networks, like LinkedIn, Biznik and similar others can also lower risk of scams in online employment as you might find on Fiverr, CraigsList, Flexjobs or other online jobs sites. Where most of these sites offer information about jobs and requirements, LinkedIn allows a person to check the company and employees connected with the company some of whom a person may know.

Online Degrees for cloud workers

Cloud workers can get an accounting degree online in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. By obtaining a degree online one is able to show potential employers their ability to work independently or with online groups to complete and meet deadlines. Also it shows current and future employers your ability to work under pressure outside the office. This being said, an accounting degree is the perfect complement to attain or maintaining the goal of telecommuting as there are several jobs where the ability to commute is available.

Jobs like an independent corporate auditor, financial planning for individuals/corporation or assisting with tax returns are a few examples.  Between social media and an online degree people are able to meet and keep up their goals of telecommuting for the future. 

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