The Cloud and The SME

Cloud computing has afforded a lot of opportunities for the SME since its introduction. Initially received with trepidation, the whole area of cloud computing quite rightly is highlighted as being a particular area recommended for SMEs. Incorporating cloud computing into SMEs operations allows them to free up funds allocated usually to I.T. and ancillary issues but the cloud allows the SME owner to consolidate a lot of investment into one area which means it is more economical.

Inclusion of the cloud into everyday operations of the SME will of course, need to be done on a planned and professional basis. A sophisticated and trusted system should be utilised to ensure a smooth transition.

This info-graphic from ERS charts the background to cloud computing, terminology that you need to know about, advantages for your business and many other facets of information to ensure seamless integration of the cloud.

The cloud and the SME - infographic by ERS 

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