Connecting With The Right People: How Businesses Get in Touch With Clients – in The Cloud

While communication is a wonderful thing, whether it is between friends, family members, or business associates, the bottom line when it comes to corporate connections is efficiency. The motivating force behind this kind of connection is conversion and transference. In other words, you want the relationship to benefit both parties.

The problem is that this is not always an easy feat, particularly if you are struggling to get past the initial introductions. If you are finding it hard to come up with anything other than the standard “I hope you are doing well” missive, you could find yourself being pushed to the bottom of correspondence lists. The trick to staying relevant and engaging is connecting in a way that is eminently memorable.

Business communication in the cloud

You can use these innovative tools and ideas incorporating the available cloud technology to help you get in touch (and stay in touch) with clients in a meaningful way.

Establish personalized alerts

There are hundreds of cloud-based tools out there that are designed to help businesses keep tabs on their customers and clients. For example, Google Alert, Talkwalker, and Mention are three programs featuring personalized alerts associated with the company, industry, personal interests, and more of a specific client. In other words, if you get an alert about a development associated with any of these things, you can then fire off a personalized greeting wishing “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Anniversary of Your Company,” or anything else that may be relevant at the time. You will be surprised at how much difference a small amount of personal contact can make.

Always be available

It is absolutely essential that you stay available at all times. If your website goes down, your email system cannot be reached, or your networking capacity is not robust enough, clients will assume that you cannot handle their needs. You must invest in reliable and scalable business internet resources, particularly if you are looking to expand in the future. Cloud technologies enable businesses to do just that. For powerful and trustworthy business internet, put your faith in Primus Business today and experience true reliability.

Look for valuable feedback

It is perfectly fine to ask customers and clients for feedback on your services – in fact, most clients have now come to expect this kind of interaction. However, a lot of businesses make the mistake of asking for this kind of static criticism and then never asking for more. Your clients are the ideal source for testers, reviewers, beta trial candidates, and more. If you have a solid and loyal foundation of committed clients, do not be afraid to ask them for more valuable feedback.

Follow the trends

Cloud communications adoption trends infographic
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The importance of communication should never be underestimated when it comes to success in business. Your clients are the lifeblood of your company and it should never be forgotten, so keep them close, keep them involved, and keep them engaged with the newest developments and updates. It is time to take corporate connections into your own hands and ensure that your customers are given a reason to stay loyal.  

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