Finding the Best Travel Deals Using the Cloud

Most people love to travel. Most people would love to travel more than they do. People feel that the main barrier to them traveling more is simply the cost. However, if you know a few tricks, travel can be much more affordable than you may think. Here are a few tips to use the available technology to stretch your dollars, so you can let those dollars take you further.

Go directly to the hotel or airline websites, to get a base rate idea

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Their websites may not give you the best deal, but they will give you a baseline idea of how much things are, so you know what a good deal really is for a given season or day. Some places do have special deals that are only available at their website, such as Motel 6.

Be a loyal customer

Join the rewards programs for hotel chains and airlines. You can get special rates and perks. Spend a certain amount on airline tickets, fly a certain number of miles or stay enough days at a hotel and you will get free trips.

Use travel sites and apps such as Travelocity or Trivago

Fact: Travelers go to the ‘cloud’ before, during and after traveling.

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They do comparative price searches for you. This can save you hours of time searching for the best deal. Don’t look at just one website. You will find different rates on each site.

Check alternate routes for air travel

For example, if you were going to take a trip from the US to Cambodia, to see Angkor Wat, flying to Siem Reap is usually not the best deal. It is usually a better deal to fly into Bangkok, Thailand and then to take a shuttle ride to Cambodia. Regional airlines, especially in Asia are quite inexpensive. You can often fly from one country to a neighboring country for as little as $9.

Be flexible on your travel dates

When booking trips, check alternative departure dates. You may find that prices from one day to the next are different by 25% or more.

Follow these tips and you will be on your dream vacation before you know it. And don’t forget, use the tech you have at your finger tips for helping you discover and enjoy more!


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