Cloud Computing Outlook 2011, an open source cloud computing platform for cloud engineer to build and manage private and public cloud infrastructure, has surveyed more than 500 of its users regarding the cloud computing trends going on in 2011.

The highlight is on the respondents’ cloud computing plan for 2011:

  • 32 percent of respondents are on strategic phase, gathering input for their cloud computing strategy.
  • 22 percent are having a partial strategy for cloud computing.
  • 20 percent claim they already have a cloud computing implementation strategy.
  • 20 percent insist that they have no plan to even developing a cloud computing strategy.
  • Only 7 percent have an approved cloud computing strategy.

We can conclude from the survey that 2011 is the year for most businesses to devise a working plan for cloud computing implementation and integration. I don’t know about the 20 percent who have no plan in developing a cloud computing strategy whatsoever – from what I’ve read so far, they will somehow “pushed” to jump into the cloud computing bandwagon or simply left in the dust.

The results are interesting, indeed, and packaged the survey results in this interesting cloud computing infographic:

cloud computing outlook 2011

Via The Atlantic – infographic is copyrighted by 

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