What is Hybrid Cloud?

There are new cloud technology advances (including its jargon) introduced to the general public following the rising cloud computing trends. One of such is hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud, in layman’s term, is a combination of two or more clouds (private, public, or community,) taking benefits from the uniqueness of each. It is said that while cloud computing is approaching its tipping point, hybrid cloud emerges as the best model for cloud computing integration as it offers better data security and recovery.

CloudTweaks.com – partially in the cloud vendor’s effort to promote its services – created a simple, yet interesting cloud computing infographic titled “Understanding the Hybrid Cloud.” The infographic is very useful in explaining the hybrid cloud in a simplistic manner, helping cloud noobs to understand the cloud computing concept better, easily.

Here is the fascinating cloud infographic – enjoy!

hybrid cloud 101

Via WebHostingGeeks.com 

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