What is Private Cloud Computing?

Many of us – especially individual cloud users – use cloud apps and services, such as Google Apps, Apple iCloud, DropBox, etc. They are public cloud services – they are hosted by third-party cloud vendors.

Private cloud, in the other hand, is operated and accessed by a single organization, and can be managed by in-house IT staffs or by a third-party cloud vendor, and hosted either on-premise or off-premise.

Learn more about the differences here: Public vs. private cloud computing.

Private cloud computing is said to be better than conventional data centers: You can access the computing resources on demand, and the ability to scale up or down as needed – all can be done in real-time, without down-time.

This cloud computing infographic by edCetra Training Inc., a custom content developer, can offer you an idea or two about private cloud computing and how it can offer you more benefits than conventional IT infrastructure (please click for the original source.)

private cloud computing infographic

Via edCetra Training

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