Why You should Use the Cloud to Transfer your Phone Contacts

According to IMS Research, there will be 420 million smartphones sold worldwide (July 2011.) 52 millions of new smartphones owner (27%) will use manual entry to transfer contacts from their old phones to the new ones – that’s more than 56 million hours wasted just to do that.

Regardless of the availability of cloud computing solutions and cloud applications for both business and individual users, it’s astonishing to find that – according to the same research – only 10 percent of smartphone owners used the cloud to transfer their phone contacts.

With the ease of use of cloud apps today, why don’t we use cloud backup solutions to transfer our phone contacts?

This very interesting cloud computing infographic by iDrive online backup describes the wasted hours transferring contacts to new phones, and how a cloud app (obviously iDrive’s) can help you to move your contacts easily – and stop the unproductive, time-wasting “chores” of moving contacts from your old to new phones.

cloud backup infographic

Via iDrive 

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