How Big is the World of Cloud Computing?

Front-liners in cloud computing, such as Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and many more, are investing heavily on massive cloud data centers that are 6 to 7 times more effective than the conventional enterprise data centers. Just how big is cloud data centers powering today’s cloud services?

Wikibon, a community of IT professionals, shows you how “big” cloud computing is in a yet-another-interesting-cloud-infographic. Firstly, the physical size of the cloud data centers themselves is enormous – a cloud data center is 11.5 times the size of a football field. Secondly, the size of cost and energy savings of the cloud data centers are also huge – 1,000 traditional data centers cost more than $3.3 million, whereas the same 1,000 cloud data centers cost less than $800,000.

Check out this cloud computing infographic. For the original size, please click on the image:

cloud computing infographic

Via Wikibon 

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