Benefits of Cloud Computing

Did you know that the number of small and medium business’ IT professionals using cloud solutions has doubled in 2011 compared to the second half of 2010? It is apparent that more SMB IT decision makers acknowledge the benefits of cloud computing for business purposes.

What’s more, it seems now the cloud is not only for businesses with a particular size – all company sizes are equally aggressive toward cloud adoption in 2011. Cloud computing is, indeed, leveling the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts.

So what are the benefits of cloud computing that persuade IT pros to adopt it? Improved security, cost savings, improved productivity and improved response speed are some of the cloud computing benefits, according to the cloud infographic shared by Cloud IT.

For more interesting stats, check out this cloud computing infographic:

cloud computing infographic

Via Cloud IT 

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  1. Gnanesh PS says:

    Interesting insight into the benefits of cloud computing and storage of data on the cloud and the how cloud computing affects the average user.Just watched an informative video, What is Cloud Computing a Guide to the Cloud @

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