The Public Sector Cloud Computing Adoption

Organizations that will benefit a lot from cloud computing adoption are in the public sector. Are they ready to integrate cloud computing?

The AMD sponsored research conducted by Redshift Research reveals that the public sector is yet to acknowledge the benefits of cloud computing. 23 percent of respondents are using cloud computing solutions and 36 percent are currently investigating, while 38 percent are not considering cloud computing at all.

44 percent of the surveyed organizations in public sector consider budget restrictions as a driving factor for cloud computing adoption. However 38 percent are still not sure whether the cloud delivers value or not – it’s too soon to say.

The cloud computing infographic by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) will shows you the big picture of cloud computing adoption by the public sector – the trend is there, but all in all, the public sector is still pondering whether cloud adoption will bring them substantial benefits

public sector cloud computing infographic

Via CloudTweaks 

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