The Current State of Cloud Computing

We have published a cloud infographic about information explosion based on 2010 data, but we’ve finally found an updated version for 2011 – check this out: In 2010, the data created amounting at 1.2 zettabytes; in 2011 – 1.8 zettabytes. In other words, the amount of data – mostly are user generated content (UGC) – doubles every 2 years time… the data visualized in the cloud infographic we share today confirms that.

This cloud computing infographic commissioned by GuruOnline, a UK-based business video resource site, will tell you the current state of cloud computing, that includes the amount of data circulating in today’s world, how cloud computing solutions can tackle the data management issues, and how business decide to adopt or not-to-adopt cloud computing.

cloud computing infographic

Via Pixel Internet 

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