Cisco Unified Fabric

Cisco, the global leader in networking, has just published 3 parts of cloud computing infographic explaining the benefits of fabric computing – the creation of a computing “fabric” consisting of interconnected nodes that look like a fabric when viewed as a whole from the bird’s eyes view.

The rise of cloud computing, Cisco’s evangelism of unified data center fabrics, and the rise of fabric/unified computing on 2009 have fueled the renewed interest in the fabric computing technology. That being said, Cisco is obviously one of the frontrunners offering unified/fabric computing systems.

In mid October 2011, Cisco has published a series of 3 infographics outlining the benefits of unified fabric (and how Cisco can help you and your business to realize such benefits.)

Part 1: Cisco Nexus 7018 can help you, for example, to download 250 millions of Facebook photos in 114 seconds…

cloud computing infographic

Part 2: How about the claim that the world’s most demanding data centers run on Cisco Nexus?

cloud computing infographic

Part 3: Resource-saving wise, Cisco unified fabric solutions can help businesses save… a lot – for example: Cisco can offer you up to 492 percent ROI, and Cisco IT can cut server deployment time from 8 weeks to just 15 minutes. Incredible.

cloud computing infographic

Via Cisco 

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