The Cloud Revolution

It is official – regardless of what naysayers said about cloud computing, using the cloud has helped businesses to gain multiple benefits, such as simplified IT management process, improved end-user experience, decreased IT performance challenges, reduced cost of IT infrastructure and alleviated internal resource pressures.

With the estimated cloud computing market size will go over GBP 100 billion (about USD 160 billion,) cloud computing is far from a fad; it offers real solution for businesses. Indeed, we are in the middle of the cloud revolution – the cloud will change the way organizations use the technology, according to market research firm IDC.

This cloud computing infographic from Cloud hypermarket visualizes some key stats on cloud computing, including an interesting section about 4 principal “actors” of cloud computing, namely Rackspace, ZOHO, Google and Microsoft (Office 365 / Microsoft BPOS) – check it out (click on the infographic for the original size):

cloud infographic

Via Cloud hypermarket 

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