You are Already using the Cloud!

When you ask this question – “what is cloud computing?” – some so-called expert tries to explain with technical jargon. Some say that cloud computing can’t be explained because it is so complex. Moreover, there are some point of views you can explain about cloud computing differently.

However, the best way to explain cloud computing is probably by looking into it from the applications we use on daily basis.

Social sites you typically use to post updates, share videos, listen to music, etc. – all reside in the cloud. So, yes. If you update your Facebook status, you are actually using the cloud. Twitter? Ditto.

How about videos and images? Watching videos on YouTube? You are in the cloud. Storing your photos on Flickr or Photobucket? You are storing yours in the cloud.

Now, how about checking emails and talking via Skype? Yep – you are in the cloud and actually using cloud services.

For a better overview, check out this cloud computing infographic by Imogo, a cloud working solution provider (click for the original size):

imogo cloud computing infographic

Via Imogo Blog 

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