Has Cloud Computing Matured?

Cloud computing technology rapid evolution leaves us wondering: Has cloud computing matured, yet? And while many business decision makers are still struggling to answer this question, “What is cloud computing?” cloud computing is a maturing technology. Business decision makers – it’s time to shape up, or else…

Avanade commissioned a survey – the 2011 Global Research survey – on 573 C-level execs, business unit leaders and IT decision makers in 18 countries back in March 2011. The aim of the survey is to learn how cloud computing is being used in businesses. The results show interesting trends…

Cloud computing adoption is wide-spread – 74 percent claimed they are using cloud services. The growth of cloud computing adoption is also strong – 25 percent growth since September 2009. To note, cloud sprawl is a major issue that has been taken care of very well by enterprises – 60 percent of respondents have policies to prohibit unauthorized cloud service purchases.

For a complete view of the maturing cloud computing, check out this cloud computing infographic by Avanade, a technology service provider. Please click on the infographic for the interactive version.

cloud computing infographic

Via Avanade | The Cloud Advantage 

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