Cloud Computing Environmental Benefits

No doubt that cloud computing is more eco-friendly than the conventional computing. A moment ago, we have published two cloud computing infographics – Green Computing: The Green Cloud – Clean and Lean and Cloud Computing is Green, and along with this post we would recommend you yet another set of reasons why cloud computing can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The cloud computing infographic is brought to you by Dynomesh, a cloud hosting services for high-profile brands and websites. There are some interesting cloud computing facts inside: 94 percent of servers are idle; and regardless of the idle time, those servers need power for operational purposes – 30 percent of which is used only for cooling purposes. Building more energy-efficient data centers PLUS the implementation of cloud computing technologies can reduce energy consumption, as well as carbon footprint, significantly.

Please click on the infographic below for the original size:

cloud computing infographic

Via Dynomesh 

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