The Rise of Cloud Computing

AMD has released 2011 Global Cloud Computing Adoption Attitudes and Approaches Study (click here for the full report) about 6 months ago and the results are eye-opener.

AMD visualizes the findings with the release of 2 cloud computing infographics. This post is about one of the infographics, the rise of cloud computing. For public sector cloud computing adoption, check out our previous post.

The cloud computing infographic by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) will shows you that – although 70 percent of businesses are using cloud computing solutions – some still not sure about migrating their business apps to the cloud due to the security/privacy issues. One more thing: the majority of naysayers don’t think that cloud computing is a necessity for their business.

Here’s the AMD cloud infographic (click on the image for the original version):

cloud computing infographic

Via AMD 

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