Small Business Software: Cloud vs. Boxed

The battle between cloud vendors vs. on-premise software vendors continues; on-premise, installed software vendors claim that their boxed software is more cost-effective than cloud software. Cloud vendors, of course, claim the otherwise. Who’s right? Let’s find out…

Winweb, an online small business software and business support service provider, released a cloud computing infographic in June 2011. The cloud infographic can give us an idea or two about the real cost of cloud-based software (SaaS) versus on-premise, boxed software for small business.

The head-to-head battle seems to be won by cloud computing software. According to the infographic, cloud software will cost your small business less money to use, offers better data security, offers better compatibility, and more.

Please click on the infographic for the original size:

small business software infographic

Via WinWeb 

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  1. Jason GIlbert says:

    Pro Tip: When creating a nice info-graphic in hopes of driving more business, run a spell & grammar check before you put it on the internet.

    (Compatibility: ‘… will of CAUSE run on your PC…’

    • Ivan says:


      Thanks for the tip – I hope WinWeb, the owner of this cloud computing infographic, will respond to your suggestion :)

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