Growth of the Cloud

Get ready for cloud growth explosion in 2012. Cisco has released a new cloud computing infographic showing you the exponential growth of cloud computing. Cisco mentioned that global data center traffic growth is projected to quadruple from 2010 to 2015. The main propeller of such growth: Cloud computing. Data center traffic growth in the cloud is predicted to grow 12-fold during that period.

Overall data center traffic jumps from 1.1 zettabytes back in 2010 to the projected 4.8 zettabytes in 2015. Cloud traffic, accounted for 11 percent of total data center traffic in 2010 (0.12 zettabytes,) will jump to 34 percent of total traffic in 2015 (1.6 zettabytes) – that’s about 12 times increase.

To learn more about the cloud-driven data center growth, as well as discovering where the traffic is coming from, check out Cisco’s cloud computing infographic below:

cloud computing infographic

Via Cisco 

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