Cloud Computing Adoption Trends in Australia

Australia is the Asia Pacific leader in cloud computing adoption and understanding – and a report confirmed it.

According to a cloud computing research conducted by Springboard Research back in March 2011, a large percentage of Australian organizations are either in or ready to go to the cloud (35 percent,) while 45 percent of respondents claim that they have a strong knowledge about the cloud. Moreover, 77 percent of respondents view cloud computing as a priority IT initiative and already have the funding in place.

And here’s a good outcome of adopting the cloud with the right knowledge (many adopt the cloud because of the buzz and/or perceived benefits of cloud computing): 92 percent confirmed that the cost of cloud computing adoption as actually as expected or even cheaper – this is the best rate in Asia Pacific region.

This cloud computing infographic released by Microsoft Tech-Ed Australia visualizes the above stats and more, giving you the big picture of how “big” cloud computing in Australia is.

cloud computing infographic australia

Via Microsoft Tech-Ed Australia 

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