Cloud Services Tipping Point

Cloud computing offers plenty of opportunities – global public cloud services spending will reach $177 billion – almost 2.5 times the spending in 2010 ($74 billion.) That figure is considered to be optimistic given all the cloud computing risks, mainly cloud security.

If cloud security issues can be well managed by cloud service providers, cloud computing growth would be exponential. Service providers are making heavy investments on the cloud – $8 billion just in the first half of 2011. The ability to take care of the cloud security issues will be the key success factor of a cloud service provider; that being said, a company that can offer businesses quality end-to-end cloud security solutions can prosper.

Juniper Networks, a switching routers maker among all others, sponsored this useful cloud computing infographic that can give you the big picture of cloud opportunities – that can be even bigger if cloud security can be addressed well. Please click on the infographic for the original size…

cloud services infographic

Via Juniper Networks / Flickr 

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