Cloud Management Facts and Tips

A survey commissioned by SolarWinds, an IT management provider, on 120 survey respondents (the surveys were sent out to 1,000 IT professionals) reveals some interesting results, such as the fact that 63 percent of them are responsible for managing virtualization of their companies. Plus, most of them (39 percent) opt for private cloud (indeed, 2012 is the year of private cloud.)

Given the importance and prominence of virtualization management in your company’s cloud environment, you need to make sure that you are making better virtualization choices. If you are looking for a reference, you are in luck! Here is an infographic to help you out… for more facts on virtualization, along with 5 tips for IT admins to make better virtualization choices, check out this cloud computing infographic brought to you by SolarWinds (click to enlarge):

cloud management infographic

Via ReadWriteCloud 

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