Why Do SMEs Choose Cloud?

There are still debates among cloud computing experts and businesses on whether small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are really ready to go cloud or not; whether the cloud is still just a hype or THE real solution for businesses.

UKFast, UK hosting company, has released a cloud computing infographic (and will release more as a series – stay tuned!) showing you the reasons why SMEs choose the cloud. The infographic shows promising outlook of the cloud, in my opinion.

The cloud computing infographic shows some interesting facts: Although 98 percent of SMEs think that IT is crucial to business success, many still doubts whether cloud computing can boost their success. For those who are “believers of the cloud,” most of them go cloud due to the flexibility of the cloud (50 percent,) followed by cost savings on IT infrastructure (49 percent.) For a complete view of the stats, check out this cloud computing infographic:

cloud computing for business

Via UKFast Hosting

So – what do you think? Is the cloud still hype or a real solution for SMEs? 

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