Evolution of the Cloud Towards a NoOps World

2013 is the year of NoOps – thanks to the cloud. NoOps is a set of principles, methods and practices for application development that emerges in importance today and will peak in 2013. According to this Forrester blog post, NoOps is an evolution of DevOps.

While DevOps is about collaboration, NoOps is about automation. A DevOps professional overseers the collaboration between software development (apps/software engineers) and IT operations (SysOps/system administrator and infrastructure.) NoOps, on the other hand, allows developers to building and running apps without the need to run Ops work (hence the term, “no ops”.)

There are only several NoOps players today, such as AppFog and Heroku – but that’s going to change in 2013; NoOps enables businesses to enjoy even more cost decrease and productivity increase in app development.

Just like this AppFog cloud computing infographic shows you – entrepreneurs will no longer say, “I wish I could do that.” With NoOps, entrepreneurs can say, “Screw it, let’s just try it.” Well said. Please click on the infographic to enlarge, and be enlightened!

cloud evolution noops

Via GigaOM

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