ERP in the Cloud

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is crucial in enhancing an enterprise in term of how to manage resources within the company. ERP automates the facilitation of management information to all business functions. The cloud offers opportunities to implement ERP at lower costs. How much saving the cloud can offer you, with regard to ERP system deployment in the cloud?

I have found an excellent cloud computing infographic from ERP SoftwareBlog. From the infographic, you can discover some interesting facts, such as the fact that ERP system deployment in the cloud would cost less than hosted and on-premise ERP system: $70,000/5-year in the cloud, $81,750/5-year hosted, and $93,750/5-year.

For more details about the costs/features, check out this cloud computing infographic (click to enlarge):

erp cloud infographic

Via ERP SoftwareBlog 

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  1. Aditya says:

    Excellent info-graphic on ERP solutions hosted on the cloud and how it will benefit an organization,the scalability and efficiency of hosting an ERP solution on the cloud is very high when compared to an onsite solution.Just read an informative whitepaper, Choosing the right ERP solution for your organization @

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