What is Streaming as a Service?

Did you know that 85 percent of software will be delivered as a SaaS rather than as a product? Along with the fact that SaaS contributes 73 percent of cloud market revenue, SaaS is one of the most lucrative cloud delivery models.

In online video streaming, SaaS allows for live streaming and video in demand to be delivered in the cloud as a service to subscribers, creating a new cloud delivery model: Streaming as a Service.

Streaming as a Service – or a video cloud computing software – allows users to access live streaming and video in demand on pay-as-you-go basis. Users can scale up and down like most true cloud services and also have full control of their account, ranging from customization to stream monetization.

For a better explanation about Streaming as a Service, check out this cloud computing infographic (click for the original size):

streaming as a service infographic

Via Visual.ly 

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